Friday, April 25, 2008

Hello from Utah to Iraq

i love you daddy hey daddy today we had a teddy bear picnic at school outside we had sandwiches and drinks and storytime and we got to bring our stuffed animals i brought hello kitty some people liked mine they think mine is cute.

i can do the monkey bars you know that i can do the side monkey bars you know that jason and thai whent to florida just for a couple of days you know that im having a party on saturday at the library its going to be fun it is storys and a pinata then after that im going to grandma whites

...and folks, this has been Lexy's first attempt at typing on her blog all by herself! She did ask for the spelling on a lot of words, but I really didn't have to tell her much, she is a pretty amazing little speller. One thing I'm really impressed with is how fast she is able to find the letters on the keyboard!

Gotta have some pictures!

Pulled over on side of the road to talk to dad

Our baby girl is growing up - she's losing her baby teeth