Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fairy Dress Up!

My mom told me that I was going to dress up like a fairy and take some pictures. This is what I dressed up like by myself. I found some really sparkly pink sparkles and I put them all OVER!

Pink Fairy

Yesteday I got to do my hair and it was pretty because, uhm, because I got to dress up like a fairy and so I did my hair. But my mom wanted me to wear my white dress up dress. She put some flowers on it.

White Fairy

I still got to put sparkles on me too, even in my hair!

I had sparkles all over me and then we went for fairy pictures. When I was a fairy I got to pretend to sleep and wake up and there was a fan that was blowing my green scarf up a'hind me. They had cookies and my favorite - pretzels!

And then Jason and Thai took me to their house and I got ready for the prom, and then we went to the prom and I danced!

I asked Rob if he could swing me.

And I was begging for Devan to dance with me.

And when I say 'I want to dance with you Thai' then she liked to dance with me.

And I danced with Jason and it was fun because it was teaching me how to dance.

I miss you daddy and Justin, I wish I could have danced with you too.