Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two Wheels Only

I can ride a two-wheeler with no training wheels!


I love my bike!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Tooth Gone!

The tooth fairy is going broke on this girl!!


On the other hand the corn sprouting in our garden is feeling kind of safe right about now! I have to even cut her hotdogs into bite-size pieces. You should have seen her trying to eat a cookie-dough Fruit tartlet yesterday, LOL, she has like one tooth on each side that she can bite with.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spring Program

We finally have a computer back at home! It's been a long month.

I'll have Lex come write a bit later today, in the meantime, here are some photos:

Spring Program at Challenger

Lex played the part of a teacher in the program, hence the white wig

Now here she is excited about the garden big brother Jason is making, behind her is the mini greenhouse where we've got seeds started

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hello from Utah to Iraq

i love you daddy hey daddy today we had a teddy bear picnic at school outside we had sandwiches and drinks and storytime and we got to bring our stuffed animals i brought hello kitty some people liked mine they think mine is cute.

i can do the monkey bars you know that i can do the side monkey bars you know that jason and thai whent to florida just for a couple of days you know that im having a party on saturday at the library its going to be fun it is storys and a pinata then after that im going to grandma whites

...and folks, this has been Lexy's first attempt at typing on her blog all by herself! She did ask for the spelling on a lot of words, but I really didn't have to tell her much, she is a pretty amazing little speller. One thing I'm really impressed with is how fast she is able to find the letters on the keyboard!

Gotta have some pictures!

Pulled over on side of the road to talk to dad

Our baby girl is growing up - she's losing her baby teeth

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hi Daddy & Justin

Right now I'm going to go to bed, but I have to tell you some stuff right now what I'm doing.

So what I'm doing right now, is I'm writing to you. You already know that!

I'm going to go to bed when I'm doing writing to you.

I'm sitting on my mommy's lap while I am writing to you, and it's late now so I need to go to bed when I'm done.

What are you doing? And how is Chase doing dad?

Mom told me that you are going to Washington D.C. tomorrow. We went there on our vacation. These are some pictures.

I liked the cherry blossoms on the trees, they were SO CUTE! It's like Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, but they were pink. And they were cherry trees not apricot trees.


And I LOVED them because they were so cute and they were pink! And that's my favorite color right now. Not purple anymore, but blue and pink.

I saw ducks and I really wanted to feed them, but I couldn't. With bread though, not Cheetos!


Soon I'm going to send you a letter, daddy and Justin, just not now, but later.

Hey daddy and Justin, we saw a squirrel and we fed it with a pretzel that had white sprinkles on it (was it sprinkles mommy?) and Amira didn't want it anymore and so we gave it to the squirrel. And he eated it right out of my hand! That was kind of funny. And we had to be really quiet for it to come back.


Bye! Love you! Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fairy Dress Up!

My mom told me that I was going to dress up like a fairy and take some pictures. This is what I dressed up like by myself. I found some really sparkly pink sparkles and I put them all OVER!

Pink Fairy

Yesteday I got to do my hair and it was pretty because, uhm, because I got to dress up like a fairy and so I did my hair. But my mom wanted me to wear my white dress up dress. She put some flowers on it.

White Fairy

I still got to put sparkles on me too, even in my hair!

I had sparkles all over me and then we went for fairy pictures. When I was a fairy I got to pretend to sleep and wake up and there was a fan that was blowing my green scarf up a'hind me. They had cookies and my favorite - pretzels!

And then Jason and Thai took me to their house and I got ready for the prom, and then we went to the prom and I danced!

I asked Rob if he could swing me.

And I was begging for Devan to dance with me.

And when I say 'I want to dance with you Thai' then she liked to dance with me.

And I danced with Jason and it was fun because it was teaching me how to dance.

I miss you daddy and Justin, I wish I could have danced with you too.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saying Goodbye, Show and Tell and a Party

I love you daddy.

I love you Jason.

I love you Justin.


Mommy and me were on TV the other night. When daddy left.

I'm having a good time in school. Yesterday I got to show my show and tell. Mommy and I forgot my show and tell, but I just showed my shoes. Mommy let me wear my red sparkly shoes and so they worked good.

You can bring real animals with shells, you know; shells, like crabs, real alive animals you know.

Christian brought a real crab, he's not in my class though, that's Tristin. It's somebody else. Christian is in room #1.

I forgot that my daddy was gone in the army yesterday and I thought he could watch me today and I could play with my friend, but now I am going to go to a party and my grandma is going to it with me. It's a baby shower, but I can't help open the presents because it's not my family and I don't know them. Mom knows them good, but not me.

We are wrapping a present and we are going to give them something that they would very very like. My mom doesn't get to go to the party because she has to work, but only for a little bit today.

I am going to play the 'pliano' now, while mom gets ready until it's time to go.

Lexy is singing and pretend playing the song Halloween is Here - off in her pretend 'teacher' mode... "Please turn your pages to page 8. Row Row Your Boat..."